Breeding horses is more than an occupation... it’s my personal best.

Welcome to the McSpyder Ranch, Tumalo, Oregon.

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The McSpyder Ranch

McSpyder Ranch sits on a rolling piece of property next to a scenic road in Tumalo, five miles outside of Bend, Oregon. There are many beautiful ranches here and mine is a small jewel that sits among them. The Spyder is my logo. In some Native American cultures it is a sign of skillfulness, intelligence and endurance. Although undocumented, it seems the paint horses were a favorite among American Indians. 

More About The McSpyder Ranch.

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There is an incredible amount of history associated with the Paint, but in modern times they were bred primarily for color and conformation... whereas the Quarter Horse was bred more towards performance. My breeding efforts are to combine the color of the Paint with the performance of the Quarter Horse.

More About Our Horses

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McSpyder Ranch

18660 Tumalo Reservoir Rd.
Bend, Oregon 97703

Office 541 383 0058

Barn 541 383 0061

Linda McMahon - Owner / Operator
Brandon Martin - Ranch Manager
John von Hurst - Breeding & Sales Manager
Jeff Ramsey - Ranch & Farm Consultant