About The McSpyder Ranch

Reined Cow Horses are what I breed and paint horses are my passion. My breeding is done on a very selective basis. Talent is key, but color makes a fascinating combination. The horses live here during the breeding process and the growing up stages of their lives. When it is time, they leave home to be with their Trainers to acquire the skill and discipline needed to compete in the Reined Cow Horse events.

The sale of my horses is also done on a very selective basis, and where they go from here is a path I keep track of.

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The McSpyder Ranch is owned and managed by Linda McMahon. Linda grew up back East in a very urban environment and was captivated by the TV programming of early 20th Century westerns. History and TV were all she knew of the American West.

Since 2007, Linda has been immersed in this lifestyle after purchasing her Tumalo Ranch. This bold move and change in her life has made her recognize the value of a lifestyle as it is still lived today—by real Cowboys and Cowgirls. Linda wanted to be part of producing cow horses for that select group of people, the ones who deserve to ride the most talented, strongest and stunning horses in Reined Cow Horse events.

Linda employs a seasoned staff of professionals and horse trainers and views them as family. They are the ‘real’ Cowboys and Cowgirls shown through the success of their behind-the-scenes work with each animal.


McSpyder Ranch

18660 Tumalo Reservoir Rd.
Bend, Oregon 97703

Office 541 383 0058

Barn 541 383 0061

Linda McMahon - Owner / Operator
Brandon Martin - Ranch Manager
John von Hurst - Breeding & Sales Manager
Jeff Ramsey - Ranch & Farm Consultant